Twitter Angling for Search Rankings

Twitter has launched the latest volley in the war for social media supremacy by changing the configuration of HTML page titles in hopes of achieving higher search rankings on individuals and businesses. Previously, page titles read Twitter/”username,” while the new pages titles display the person’s name, followed by a user name in parenthases followed by “on Twitter” ["William Tyree (WilliamTyree) on Twitter"]. TechCrunch’s Robin Wauters reports that his Twitter page, and that of many of his associates, now ranks higher in Google SERPS than their blogs and LinkedIn pages.

Indeed, DemandResults’ own Twitter page jumped to the #2 result, far surpassing our Facebook listing, which now weighs in at a paltry #30. While this says something about the weight given to HTML page titles in the Google algorithm, keep in mind that Twitter also implements other search-friendly best practices, including bolding both the name and the username high on the page and using H1 and strong tags around the ubiquitous title “Hey There! DemandResults is using Twitter!”

DemandResults will be watching to see if this prompts more businesses to dress up their Twitter presence. After all, unless a businesses’ corporate Web presence is well-optimized, a Twitter page now stands a very good chance at surpassing it on search engine results pages.

Since businesses will undoubtedly play an integral role in the monetization of Facebook, it will be interesting to see if Facebook responds with some global SEO tactics of their own.


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