Three Ways to Get More out of Your Company’s Twitter Presence

So your company has established a heartbeat on Twitter. Someone in the organization is tasked with tweeting with some regularity, and the account is accruing followers. Great. Now what? What exactly do you expect to get in return for all your tweeting? Do you have a Twitter strategy?

Here are three can’t-miss ways to get more out of your Twitter efforts.

Use Twitter to Drive Leads and Sales

We were in a client board room recently when an executive got a phone call from a fellow exec at a cloud-based software company. The executive was elated because the company had gotten more than ten solid leads that day from Twitter. It’s fair to say that most of the marketers in the room had previously thought of Twitter as largely a function of PR.

Perhaps the best known technology case study thus far has been Dell’s reported $3 million in sales that have resulted from the exclusive offers it has extended to its Twitter followers.  If your company has built up a sizable Twitter following, a similar strategy may be advisable. Try offering your customers exclusive coupons, deals or other enticements that they can’t get from any other channel. It’s arguable that tweeting is an even cheaper outreach mechanism than email.

And don’t forget to measure your success. You can now track conversion rates from Twitter using emerging software such as Peashoot.

Hone Your Message

On the surface, free tracking and shortening devices, such as, allow you insight into the entire life cycle of shortened URLs that you let loose on Twitter. But in reality these tools can do much more than that. Since the stats can be summarized largely as click-thrus and retweets, what the tools are really doing are measuring how appealing the blurb you write is to your base of followers. Viewed in this way, you can use a tool such as to test a variety of writing styles, keywords and topics on your followers.  By using Twitter in this way, and using tools to measure success, you can really begin to understand what your followers are interested in. If you have some measure of confidence that your Twitter followers share the same needs and desires as your regular customers, mastering your marketing messages to this base can be extremely valuable.

Drive Traffic to Your Web Site

In many companies, social media is being managed by its PR department or PR agency. In too many cases, a company’s Twitter account has replaced a blog or press release, but in short form. Live tweeting from events is great, but it’s even better if you’re driving traffic to images or content posted on your company’s Web site. It’s not only better for Twitter users. It’s much better for your company since your URL is likely to be bookmarked, retweeted, emailed and mentioned in blogs. In other words, the content has the potential to go viral. And in the process, all visitors gain additional exposure to your brand.



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