Three Powerful Ways to Drive B2B Lead Conversions

White Papers

Distributing 1000-10,000 word documents is definitely old school. But large-ticket B2B buyers, especially in the tech space, download them by the thousands each day. Just as every patient would prefer to visit a doctor that’s always up on the latest research, business buyers want to feel that they are buying into a knowledge-based organization. By limiting the white paper only to educational content, and avoiding using it as a sales vehicle, you are sending a message to potential customers that you will be not just a vendor, but also a partner that will help them grow their business.

Case Studies

While the concept of offering case studies isn’t new, the idea of asking for registration or contact information to see them is. Absolutely essential in any B2B service industry, and recommended in the tech world, case studies give you a chance to show off your problem solving skills. Customers are coming to you with pain points. Showing them how you solved others business problems gives them – and you – a basis for a real sales conversation. If you have the luxury of choosing which clients or customers you wish to take on, their reaction to your approach also provides you with an opportunity to decide if they will be good clients or customers.

But remember that case studies are actually quite valuable. Whether you realize it or not, valuable trade secrets are contained in nearly every good case study. You need to be able to put some filters on who should be privy to this information. Plus, this allows you to follow up on new leads that might become customers.

Online Demos

If your product or service can be demonstrated online, then video demonstrations will likely help you sell the product anyway. But if the sale or service is a big ticket item or a complex sale, as is often the case in the B2B space, require registration to view it. Most serious customers will freely offer basic contact information, and it helps you market to them after the initial viewing.



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