Bing Continues to Grow Market Share Ahead of Yahoo Partnership

According to Comscore data for December 2009, upstart search engine Bing continued to grow market share at the end of last year. Bing searches were up 70% from Microsoft’s previous product, LiveSearch, a year earlier. The company has still set no hard date for replacing Yahoo Search’s back end with Bing’s. One of the hurdles, [...]


Bing Sends Mixed Signals on Directory Indexation and NoFollow Rules

In a Bing community forum for Web publishers this week, a community member asked what he should do to get Bing to index his site pages more quickly. Program Manager Brett Yount verified an answer that advised community members to create backlinks to the Web site from sites that are indexed daily. He then posted [...]


Top Search Marketing Stories for 2010

There were arguably more significant changes for search marketers during 2009 than in any previous year. However, most of these stories aren’t over yet.  Staying abreast of all these issues will be essential to being competitive in the coming year. Bing– Just when Apple’s brilliant and searing marketing schemes had convinced the world that there [...]


Bing Search vs. Yahoo: Making Sense of the Nonsense

This week Yahoo announced that, despite the two companies’ deal in which Bing is set to replace Yahoo’s search, the two companies will continue to compete. Prabhakar Raghavan, a senior vice president of Yahoo, is quoted as saying “We are Yahoo and that will continue….We collaborate on the back-end but we are competitors on the front-end.” [...]


The Expanding Search Universe

And what it means for the industry’s top dogs. StatCounter recently announced that August was Bing’s slowest month in terms of growth since its launch, and the combined market share of Bing and Yahoo fell from 20.36% to 20.14%. Despite this grim review on the waning influence of Bing and Yahoo in North America, the [...]


The Associated Press Picks a Fight with Google, Biting the Hand that Feeds

In a move that could change the way news is disseminated and found on the Web, the Associated Press (AP) has declared that its news articles should no longer be freely indexed in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo without permission. AP President Tom Curley’s statement means that even minimal use of a [...]