Your Tweets on Google: 3 Things Every Company Should Do Right Now

As a result of separate deals with search giant Google and upstart Bing, Twitter feeds are coming to a search engine near you. Even as Twitter struggles with monetizing its service and holding spam down to acceptable levels, it has achieved search marketing value as search engines vie to be kings of the “real time Web.” [...]


The Twitter Analytics Wish List

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has committed to developing a revenue strategy by offering special features to businesses, including corporate accounts with special features. Stone specifically mentioned rolling out an analytics package for businesses. Currently, limited analytics are provided in part by 3rd party developers, but you have to [...]

0 Comments , , , Twitter App Encourages Proactive Customer Service

With its new Salesforce for Twitter app, has thrown its hat into the social media monitoring and customer service arena.  The app is part of the CRM giant’s latest suite of SaaS customer service offerings, Service Cloud2. The suite is designed to move companies toward a community-based approach to customer service in which ideas, concerns [...]


Teens Don’t Tweet: What it Means for Social Media Marketing

This week Neilson proved with numbers what many have suspected anecdotally: there are very few teens on Twitter. Furthermore, there are very few users who are still in college. Just 16% of Twitter users are under 25 years old, and just 10% of Tweetdeck users are under 25. It’s fair to ask the obvious question: [...]


Pay Per Tweet Marketing: Enabling Brand Ambassadors or Creating Spam?

Paid status updates are nothing new on Twitter. Marketers have been on the site nearly since the beginning, and there’s no telling how many millions of active user accounts might actually be spammers in disguise. There’s a new player in the paid posting space, however, and its name is The PaidPerTweet model is very simple. [...]


Three Ways to Get More out of Your Company’s Twitter Presence

So your company has established a heartbeat on Twitter. Someone in the organization is tasked with tweeting with some regularity, and the account is accruing followers. Great. Now what? What exactly do you expect to get in return for all your tweeting? Do you have a Twitter strategy? Here are three can’t-miss ways to get [...]


Twitter Angling for Search Rankings

Twitter has launched the latest volley in the war for social media supremacy by changing the configuration of HTML page titles in hopes of achieving higher search rankings on individuals and businesses. Previously, page titles read Twitter/”username,” while the new pages titles display the person’s name, followed by a user name in parenthases followed by “on [...]


New Evidence Suggests Polling Can be Effective in Identifying Social Influencers

Social media marketers are continually confronted with the same question – where and how do we plant the seeds that will make campaigns “go viral?” How do we identify consumers that will be truly powerful brand advocates? A Marketing Science Institute Report suggests that theories about the value of identifying well-connected influencers who are centrally located [...]