Infographic: A 30 Second Guide to Call Tracking

Call tracking allows you to track campaign successes by associating a unique phone number with a specific marketing channel – anything from a flyer for an upcoming conference to an organic search query used to arrive to your site. Many PPC campaigns, for example, have granular insight into form submissions generated by their campaign but [...]


The Twitter Analytics Wish List

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has committed to developing a revenue strategy by offering special features to businesses, including corporate accounts with special features. Stone specifically mentioned rolling out an analytics package for businesses. Currently, limited analytics are provided in part by 3rd party developers, but you have to [...]


Teens Don’t Tweet: What it Means for Social Media Marketing

This week Neilson proved with numbers what many have suspected anecdotally: there are very few teens on Twitter. Furthermore, there are very few users who are still in college. Just 16% of Twitter users are under 25 years old, and just 10% of Tweetdeck users are under 25. It’s fair to ask the obvious question: [...]


Pay Per Tweet Marketing: Enabling Brand Ambassadors or Creating Spam?

Paid status updates are nothing new on Twitter. Marketers have been on the site nearly since the beginning, and there’s no telling how many millions of active user accounts might actually be spammers in disguise. There’s a new player in the paid posting space, however, and its name is The PaidPerTweet model is very simple. [...]