Link Building Tips: How to Find Blogs that Accept Comments and Links

This post reveals one of our favorite techniques for discovering social comment marketing opportunities.  When done responsibly, comment marketing on blogs and other social channels isn’t just an opportunity to create value for your brand. It’s also an opportunity to posit yourself as an expert in your niche while earning a contextually relevant link back [...]


Google’s “not provided” Keyword Impact Exceeds 18% Across Tech Sites, 13% In Healthcare

Like all marketing consultancy firms, we’ve been struggling with how to address Google’s decision to limit keyword referral data for users signed in to Google services with our clients. There’s a great SEO success metrics article on the SEO for Salesforce blog arguing that while there is still more than enough organic keyword data to [...]


The Evolution of SEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

  SEO strategies have changed immeasurably over the past decade. In the past couple of years alone, search personalization, constant changes to the Google algorithm, the rise of social media and the demise of Yahoo have been major game changers. None will be as transformative as the change to revenue-based SEO. Put another way, corporate executives [...]


Go Local with SEO: Geographic Based Keyword Rankings

Following Google’s announcement to launch universal search in 2007, there has been a rapid and continual evolution to improve user experience via personalization. While these improvements create a more engaging search experience for users, the task of monitoring keyword rankings has become increasingly complex. SEO strategists looking for ways to get a better handle on [...]


Competitive Advantages of Online Video for B2B Marketers

There is no denying that video is taking over the Internet. In recent years, marketers across the globe have discovered creative ways to promote their brands through visual media. One by one, skeptics of the power of online video, have turned into believers of the value video can add to virtually any online experience. Savvy [...]


Google: No Such Thing as a Duplicate Content “Penalty” (But the Ramifications Are Just as Bad)

Earlier this week, Google sent engineer Greg Grothaus in front of the camera to discuss a topic that should be important to anyone with a Web presence – duplicate content. Grothaus’ mission was to tell the world that the “penalty” rumored to be imposed on Web sites that post identical content in multiple locations is, [...]


Content Writing for B2B SEO Campaigns

Meeting a client’s SEO goals typically requires far more than web site optimization. More often than not, new content development – and significant revision of existing content – is a necessary component of the process. With that said, content development for B2B clients is its own animal, and requires an approach that is far different [...]


Google’s New Caffeine Search Engine Underscores Importance of Content ‘Freshness’

Not content to let Microsoft’s Bing steal the search spotlight for long, Google unveiled an improved version of its search engine for testing this week (publicly available at  So far, Google is not disclosing much about its goals for the new search engine except that it aims to provide more relevant results faster. Google’s Matt [...]


Latest Forbes Study Reveals Need for Video SEO in B2B Space

When it comes to making large business purchases, executives are increasingly likely to do much of the research themselves, according to the latest report issued by Forbes magazine. The report, called “Rise of the Digital C-Suite: How Executives Locate and Filter Business Information,” identifies a digital divide between executives under 50 that grew up with PCs [...]


Content Is Even More Kingly as Google Evaporates Excess PageRank

Sculpting PageRank has been a powerful and sanctioned SEO practice since Google officially blessed it in 2007. PageRank measurement is Google’s way of assigning a finite amount of trust to pages that are deemed to be important. SEOs have learned to manipulate PageRank by using a variety of methods to pass importance (or deny importance) [...]