How to Deal with Customer Angst in Social Media Channels

In the previous blog, I discuss the new book and site, Business Model Generation. One fundamental question that the book asks repeatedly is this: How do our Customer Segments want to be reached? This is a particularly important question to social media marketers because customers are increasingly turning to social media channels for customer support [...]


What Google’s Sidewiki Means for Corporate Reputation Management – Part II

In our last post, we discussed how Google’s Sidewiki launch has sent corporate anxiety regarding brand management and PR off the charts. Today we’ll offer some tips for managing and monitoring Sidewiki. # 1 – Thicken Thy Skin. Dealing with public consumer feedback from a multitude of channels is now a fact of life for [...]


What Google’s Sidewiki Means for Corporate Reputation Management – Part I

“You are surrounded. Come out with your hands up.  We are in complete control of your brand. Resistance is futile.” No, this isn’t a direct quote from a legion of tech-savvy consumers. But it expresses the fears of businesses everywhere since Google debuted Sidewiki as a part of its browser toolbar several weeks ago. Just [...]


Google Bomb: What Every Business (and Marketer) Should Know About Reputation Management and “Authority”

Sue Scheff, founder of child and parenting advocacy organization PURE, was astonished when someone began attacking her reputation online.  Scheff’s attacker posted comments on numerous Web forums in which Scheff was labled a “con artist,” leading to a lawsuit in which Sheff won $11.3 million. Although the case is hardly new, it’s receiving new attention [...]