CMO Survey Validates Integrated Evidence-Based Marketing Agencies

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council has just released a report entitles “More Gain, Less Strain” on client/agency effectiveness. The report clearly shows that brands and marketing technologists alike are are becoming increasingly disillusioned with traditional ad agencies. For the report, the CMO Council surveyed 6,000 corporate marketers. The results were dramatic. Only 9% of [...]


Mobile Usage Survey: Web Browsers Used More Than Apps, Social Media

Web sites, you are still loved. A new study of mobile device usage appears to show that visiting web sites is still a slightly more popular activity than using apps, and substantially more popular than visiting blogs or social media sites. This comes despite a massive proliferation of hundreds of thousands of apps for iPhone, [...]


Marketing Study: Facebook Users Much More Affluent

With Facebook’s Beacon service being shuttered due to a class action suit, advertisers just got the incentive they needed to slog ahead in their social media marketing efforts: proof  of a highly lucrative demographic. Social media marketers were already keen on Facebook because, unlike Twitter or MySpace, it has significant market penetration in virtually all age [...]