How to Build Links Using Infographics

This infographic demonstrates how influential PR still is to any industry news site or blog, and then illustrates how SEOs can use PR tactics and improve upon the process by adding additional link value. This concept was first discussed in greater detail on the YouMoz site.


How Nofollow Links Can Help You in Google Search Rankings

If you routinely follow SEO blogs and research, many of the findings in the 2011 edition of SEOMoz’s Ranking Factors report are not surprising. But one element concerning the beneficial use of nofollow was downright shocking, and we can’t wait to start experimenting with it. As explained in a previous post over on the SEO [...]


How to Optimize a Press Release for Search and Social Media

Press releases have been a key tool for public relations professionals as far back as turn of the 20th century, and the goals, methods and procedures for creating them have stayed relatively the same. A release will generally follow a standard format, starting with an interesting and informative headline, followed by more detailed paragraphs with [...]