How Do Most People Share Content Online?

Amazingly, 44% of all online sharing now occurs in Facebook, according to sharing widget company AddThis. That’s up 33% in just one year. Another fact that may stun the digerati: email reigns over Twitter by 38%. Coming off a year when the Web’s biggest success model was an email-based coupon business (Groupon), maybe that’s not so surprising [...]


How to Create a Company Social Media Policy

Despite the massive investment in social media underway by most consumer brands and service-based businesses, most are still struggling in regards to their own employees’ use of networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The lack of comfort with employee use of social media is such that many companies completely ban use from the workplace. [...]


Brazen Careerist Social Networking site is Brazen Indeed

In the past two years, millions of less-than-secure professionals have taken to LinkedIn to expand their networks, join professional groups and beef up their resumes. Meanwhile, the LinkedIn app has been one of the fastest-growing Facebook apps as well, signaling an increasingly blurry line between professional and personal lives.  Professional services company Appirio even created [...]


Top B2B Lead Generation Challenges and Solutions

Business-to-business marketing is fraught with challenges that are nonexistent in the traditional B2C space. Understanding those challenges and adequately preparing to deal with them from an evidence-based perspective is paramount to success. Most Conversions Happen Offline Most often, B2B marketing involves driving potential customers to Web properties and devising tactics that will connect them to sales [...]


LinkedIn Platform-as-a-Service Group (PaaS) Reaches 1,000 Member Mark

DemandResults is celebrating 1,000 members in its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Group on LinkedIn. The group is a highly active collection of business leaders, executives and decision makers working on different aspects of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (enterprise SOA). We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many provocative discussions are started in this group [...]