Bing’s Visual Search Raises the Bar on Image Search

Microsoft’s Bing has unveiled Visual Search: a feature upgrade that allows users the option of browsing images rather than text snippets. Although the update is intended to allow searchers to find results more quickly, it’s clear that Microsoft has cooked up something that could be intended for retailers. At first glance, Visual Search seems closely [...]


The Expanding Search Universe

And what it means for the industry’s top dogs. StatCounter recently announced that August was Bing’s slowest month in terms of growth since its launch, and the combined market share of Bing and Yahoo fell from 20.36% to 20.14%. Despite this grim review on the waning influence of Bing and Yahoo in North America, the [...]


Content Is Even More Kingly as Google Evaporates Excess PageRank

Sculpting PageRank has been a powerful and sanctioned SEO practice since Google officially blessed it in 2007. PageRank measurement is Google’s way of assigning a finite amount of trust to pages that are deemed to be important. SEOs have learned to manipulate PageRank by using a variety of methods to pass importance (or deny importance) [...]