Facebook Ad Conversion Tracking Announced

Facebook is finally testing a conversion tracking tool that will make it easier for advertisers to track the number of fans, impressions and clicks gained as a result of an ad campaign. Similar to Google AdWords and other PPC programs, Facebook conversion tracking will work via a Javascript snippet that will be placed into the [...]


Banking on the Facebook App Economy

Some prominent Facebook app developers breathed a heavy sigh of despair last week when Facebook announced that it would effectively mute involuntary app notifications messages (e.g. “Mark Just Leveled Up in Mafia Wars”). For some of the huge gaming apps, such as Mafia Wars and Farmville, notifications generated major traffic – as much as 70%, [...]


Marketing Study: Facebook Users Much More Affluent

With Facebook’s Beacon service being shuttered due to a class action suit, advertisers just got the incentive they needed to slog ahead in their social media marketing efforts: proof  of a highly lucrative demographic. Social media marketers were already keen on Facebook because, unlike Twitter or MySpace, it has significant market penetration in virtually all age [...]


Trends in Facebook App Popularity

Tracking trends in Facebook app usage is important for social media marketers. When Facebook users add and use applications, they are doing far more than having a meaningful interaction with a brand or concept. They are also providing more information about their preferences, friends and desires than they ever would by simply becoming a Fan [...]


Facebook Developers Go Legit in New App Directory

By now, social media users that once tweeted “Facebook or Twitter?” have come to realize that the two services couldn’t be more different. While Twitter is essentially a very powerful but extremely simple broadcast/radar station, Facebook has quickly grown from the Web’s most compelling friend and contact management solution to a bonafide entertainnment and lifestyle destination. [...]


What Facebook’s Revamped Lexicon Tool Means for Social Media Marketers

Facebook rolled out a sneak peek of the mouth-watering new version of Lexicon this week. Although the demo is currently limited to a handful of pre-selected terms (“swine flu,” “basketball,” “Biden”), the level of marketing insight is unprecedented among existing social media tools. This tool confirms Facebook’s commitment to make the network highly effective for evidence-based [...]


New Guidelines for Measuring Social Media Marketing

Evidence-based marketers are hardly alone in wanting to measure the success of campaigns within social media services like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter. But in order to have a successful conversation about tracking results, we need a good set of guidelines and eventually, a common vernacular. This week theInternet Advertising Bureau (IAB) published their two cents on [...]


Clara Shih Discusses B2B Lead Generation on Facebook

In a Webinar today hosted by DemandResults client Appirio, Clara Shih made a convincing case that Facebook is fertile ground for big B2B marketing wins. Shih, author of the popular book The Facebook Era, cited the oft-repeated advertising phrase, “I know I’m wasting half of my marketing and advertising dollars, I just don’t know which half,” [...]


What Facebook Polls Mean for Brands and Consumers

Earlier this year, Facebook debuted several types of new engagement ads, including some that enabled advertisers to conduct polls. Because poll results appeared in site news feeds, polls that were particularly engaging theoretically stood a much higher chance of attracting the participants’ friends than conventional ads. Facebook is mum on how the experiments have worked so far, [...]


Twitter Angling for Search Rankings

Twitter has launched the latest volley in the war for social media supremacy by changing the configuration of HTML page titles in hopes of achieving higher search rankings on individuals and businesses. Previously, page titles read Twitter/”username,” while the new pages titles display the person’s name, followed by a user name in parenthases followed by “on [...]