Leads From Bing Yielding Higher Value

A few months ago, we reported that Bing paid search ads were yielding more leads at less cost for select clients in the healthcare and legal professions. Today Search Engine Roundtable’s Chris Boggs reported higher revenue from Bing and Yahoo for four client sites, with Google lagging in third, despite much higher search volume. This is consistent with what [...]


3 Reasons Why Bing Delivers Better PPC Results Than Google AdWords

In our last blog post, we revealed that DemandResults has reaped 54.5% lower cost-per-conversion ratios in Microsoft AdCenter than Google AdWords in our head-to-head tests. To recap, our tests were across a handful of clients in the legal and healthcare industries on a cumulative spend of about $500,000. While we’re confident in our data analysis, [...]


Bing Search PPC Conversion Cost 54.5% Lower Than Google AdWords

Looking for an SEM game changer? If you haven’t yet tested Bing PPC ads, it might be worth looking into. The network seems to have just the right mix of competition levels, demographics and market share to provide significant savings in the verticals we tested. In late 2009, DemandResults began using Bing for legal industry [...]


Bing Continues to Grow Market Share Ahead of Yahoo Partnership

According to Comscore data for December 2009, upstart search engine Bing continued to grow market share at the end of last year. Bing searches were up 70% from Microsoft’s previous product, LiveSearch, a year earlier. The company has still set no hard date for replacing Yahoo Search’s back end with Bing’s. One of the hurdles, [...]


Bing Sends Mixed Signals on Directory Indexation and NoFollow Rules

In a Bing community forum for Web publishers this week, a community member asked what he should do to get Bing to index his site pages more quickly. Program Manager Brett Yount verified an answer that advised community members to create backlinks to the Web site from sites that are indexed daily. He then posted [...]


Top Search Marketing Stories for 2010

There were arguably more significant changes for search marketers during 2009 than in any previous year. However, most of these stories aren’t over yet.  Staying abreast of all these issues will be essential to being competitive in the coming year. Bing– Just when Apple’s brilliant and searing marketing schemes had convinced the world that there [...]


Bing Maps Apps Creates a New Ad Frontier

Available at http://www.bing.com/maps/explore/, the Map Apps feature adds a dazzling array of searchable restaurants, businesses, hotels, traffic and neighborhood information. The architecture is highly browsable, allowing quick access to information in a highly appealing format. The rollout also contains a bevy of highly addictive toys. For fun, Bing offers “Twitter Maps” – the ability to [...]


Search Engine Wars Extend to Paid Content

Rupert Murdoch’s public jabs at Google seem to have paid off. After Murdoch’s threats to block Google from indexing content from his 175 newspapers and multiple news Web sites, claiming that the search giant offered no value to its model, Google today announced an alteration to its policy. Until now, Google users have taken advantage [...]


Your Tweets on Google: 3 Things Every Company Should Do Right Now

As a result of separate deals with search giant Google and upstart Bing, Twitter feeds are coming to a search engine near you. Even as Twitter struggles with monetizing its service and holding spam down to acceptable levels, it has achieved search marketing value as search engines vie to be kings of the “real time Web.” [...]


Bing’s Visual Search Raises the Bar on Image Search

Microsoft’s Bing has unveiled Visual Search: a feature upgrade that allows users the option of browsing images rather than text snippets. Although the update is intended to allow searchers to find results more quickly, it’s clear that Microsoft has cooked up something that could be intended for retailers. At first glance, Visual Search seems closely [...]