Mobile Usage Survey: Web Browsers Used More Than Apps, Social Media

Web sites, you are still loved. A new study of mobile device usage appears to show that visiting web sites is still a slightly more popular activity than using apps, and substantially more popular than visiting blogs or social media sites. This comes despite a massive proliferation of hundreds of thousands of apps for iPhone, [...]


3 Ways CRMs Can Revolutionize Small Business Sales and Marketing Strategies

A recent Intuit Inc. survey showed that more than one-half of small businesses perform customer relationship management (CRM) tasks manually—more than 28% use pen and paper while another 28% manually enter data into spreadsheets. That’s a complete nightmare for evidence-based marketers. Is your sales team really following up on every lead? What percentage of leads [...]


Salesforce Cites SEO for Salesforce App in Best Practice Whitepaper

So many keywords, so little time. Which keywords should you focus on during your next SEO campaign? Back in November, just before the Dreamforce conference, DemandResults launched our answer to that fundamental question – SEO for Salesforce, a highly configurable app that enables companies to track which organic keywords convert to leads, opportunities and [...]


Bing Maps Apps Creates a New Ad Frontier

Available at, the Map Apps feature adds a dazzling array of searchable restaurants, businesses, hotels, traffic and neighborhood information. The architecture is highly browsable, allowing quick access to information in a highly appealing format. The rollout also contains a bevy of highly addictive toys. For fun, Bing offers “Twitter Maps” – the ability to [...]


A Great New SEO Tool for Salesforce Users

What happens when your customers find you in Google? Using many analytics programs, you can already track how many of your visitors become members, contact your sales team or make a purchase through a search query. If you use Google AdWords, you may even understand which paid keywords regularly convert to leads. But if you [...]


Banking on the Facebook App Economy

Some prominent Facebook app developers breathed a heavy sigh of despair last week when Facebook announced that it would effectively mute involuntary app notifications messages (e.g. “Mark Just Leveled Up in Mafia Wars”). For some of the huge gaming apps, such as Mafia Wars and Farmville, notifications generated major traffic – as much as 70%, [...]


Trends in Facebook App Popularity

Tracking trends in Facebook app usage is important for social media marketers. When Facebook users add and use applications, they are doing far more than having a meaningful interaction with a brand or concept. They are also providing more information about their preferences, friends and desires than they ever would by simply becoming a Fan [...]