Search Engine Wars Extend to Paid Content

Rupert Murdoch’s public jabs at Google seem to have paid off. After Murdoch’s threats to block Google from indexing content from his 175 newspapers and multiple news Web sites, claiming that the search giant offered no value to its model, Google today announced an alteration to its policy. blog_google dup contentUntil now, Google users have taken advantage of a not-so-secret loophole that has enabled them to see any online news story, even many hidden behind a site’s “paywall.” The change attempts to close this feature and enforce a limit of five pages per day without subscribing.

Earlier this week, Murdoch was reportedly close to providing Microsoft with access to content that would be available exclusively on Bing. The search engine has been steadily gaining market share this year and is set to roll out several innovations to its mapping technology. Acquiring exclusive access to the content from Murdoch’s media empire could give it a significant advantage over Google News.


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