New Approaches to Business Model Generation

If you’re like us, you’re constantly thinking about new ways to create value for customers, and how to improve or transform your business. Recently, DemandResults CEO Howard Brown had a chance to participate in a one-of-a-kind project that would amount to a global brain-dump on a canvas approach to business model innovation.
Business Model Generation

The project is aptly called Business Model Generation, and includes 470 visionaries and business leaders from around the globe. The result is an amazing book and website that literally illustrates (in hand-sketched diagrams and vivid, full-color images) the process for canvas-based business model innovation for myriad industries and the challenges they face.

It’s as much a guidebook for how to – through workshops and creative visualization – graphically analyze risk/reward models as much as it is an unfinished work of art that invites answers (in one section, the CEO of a service-based consultancy invites readers to contact him with new approaches to the tried and true services billing model).

If it isn’t obvious, we’re big fans of the canvas approach. When we work with clients to automate certain aspects of their marketing operations, we often begin with SWOT exercises (workshops containing cross-functional teams designed to get to the bottom of the company’s operational strengths and weaknesses in sales and marketing). The answers are always surprising, and end up delivering value to customers and new revenue opportunities to the company. Likewise, when working with sales teams to create better content, we develop content matrices that generate specific pieces of content for every state of the buying cycle.

The Business Model Generation project is full of similar exercises designed to improve and change organizations. I hope you’ll check it out, or at least try the free 72-page download at


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