Measuring SEO Impact on Sales

For most companies, the options for tracking SEO value to the bottom line are somewhat limited. Traffic gains and quality of organic keyword traffic are good indicators, but there’s still a huge data gap between marketing capability and sales. Ranking for high-value keywords on search engine results pages (SERPS) is typically an SEO campaign’s primary objective, but there’s still a disconnect between search ranking and its value to the bottom line. The ability to truly measure the value or organic search traffic against lead generation and sales is nearly impossible.

DemandResults is nearly ready to deliver an app for customers that will enable companies to do this. This new Salesforce App will allow clients to track organic keyword queries from a Web landing page that turn into leads, and then track those leads through the entire sales cycle. This will allow SEOs both the validation they need to prove the value of organic search within an overall marketing plan, and also provide insight as to which organic keywords actually drive revenue.

Look for an announcement prior to Dreamforce 2009, where DemandResults CEO Howard Brown will be presenting a session on advanced Search Engine Marketing (SEM).



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