Marketing Study: Facebook Users Much More Affluent

With Facebook’s Beacon service being shuttered due to a class action suit, advertisers just got the incentive they needed to slog ahead in their social media marketing efforts: proof  of a highly lucrative demographic.

Social media marketers were already keen on Facebook because, unlike Twitter or MySpace, it has significant market penetration in virtually all age groups, ranging from teens to seniors. Now American consumer behavior analysis firm Nielsen Claritas has discovered that many Facebook users tend to be far wealthier than those in MySpace.

According to Nielsen, users in the top third lifestyle segment – or the most affluent users – are 25% more likely to use Facebook than other social networks. By contrast, the poorest segments are 37% more likely to use MySpace. Furthermore, the study showed that Facebook users are more likely to use LinkedIn and that social media users in general tend to live in urban, affluent areas.


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