Latest Forbes Study Reveals Need for Video SEO in B2B Space

When it comes to making large business purchases, executives are increasingly likely to do much of the research themselves, according to the latest report issued by Forbes magazine. The report, called “Rise of the Digital C-Suite: How Executives Locate and Filter Business Information,” identifies a digital divide between executives under 50 that grew up with PCs and those over 50.

The report stressed the importance of short video clips – not commercials per se, but rather informative videos that explain complex product areas. 33% of executives in the under-50 group reported viewing work-related videos at least daily, with 26% using such videos “several times per week.” Although there was a major divide in executives over 50, only six percent of all the executives in the study reported that they “never” watch work-related videos online.

When you consider that these same executives also reported conducting an average of more than six searches per day on major search engines such as Google and Bing, it’s easy to see how important search optimization for videos already is, and how important it will be as a new generation of promoted middle managers and newly minted MBA assume executive leadership positions.



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