iPad Site Optimization Is Sexy, But the Money Points to Mobile Phones

Over the past year, web publishers across nearly all industries have been noticing visits from iPad ratchet up significantly. This is especially true if you’re in tech, fashion or another business that attracts an upmarket clientele. With good reason, you’ve been thinking about how to create an awesome experience for your iPad visitors.

In-Store SearchBut according to the evidence, most consumer brands would be best served by paying more attention to their mobile presence. The Pew Internet and American Life Project shows that 52% of all adults used their mobile phone during in-store purchases during the recent holiday season. Specifically, 33% specifically turned to their phone for online information while shipping inside a store. 24% of cell phone users used their phone to obtain product reviews online. Those are huge numbers.

In addition, 25% of adult cell phone users looked up prices online for products in store in attempt to find the best deal through comparison shopping. And finally, to borrow a phrase from television, the other mobile users phoned a friend for shopping advice.

For reasons of practicality, most in-store shoppers will bring a phone into a brick-and-mortar outlet, but are likely to leave their iPad at home or at the office. It seems clear that most consumer brands should focus more energy on creating an optimized experience for iPhone and Android, and if you still have resources, then focus on Windows Mobile. That way, you will reach consumers when they are actually ready to make a purchase.

It also points to the ongoing importance of reputation management in relation to SEO. If your product appears in stores and people have written positive reviews about it on the web, you should leverage them in every possible way so that they might be found by in-store mobile users.




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