Infographic: B2B Lead Nurturing Guide

B2B Lead Nurturing Guide - Infographic

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Any good marketer wants to funnel their leads through the sales cycle as quickly as possible – the hard task is understanding the right amount of touches it takes. For a 60 day sales cycle, we’d start by nurturing a lead the following ways:

  • Day 1: Introductory Phone Call
  • Day 2: Follow Up Email
  • Day 5: Send Case Study
  • Day 9: Webinar Invitation
  • Day 14: Send Competitive Advantages
  • Day 20: Send Whitepaper
  • Day 28: Touching Base Email
  • Day 35: Webinar
  • Day 38: Phone Call
  • Day 44: Phone Call
  • Day 50: Send Implementation Guide
  • Day 55: Discuss Contract
  • Day 60: Win Sale!

It’s not as daunting of a path as it seems with the adoption of marketing automation software. By enabling scoring, marketing automation software would be able to:

  • accelerate the lead through the cycle if they were considered sales-ready
  • stop marketing communication if a Sales rep was in direct constant with the lead
  • recycle that lead for future campaigns if they weren’t ready to pull the trigger

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