Google’s New Caffeine Search Engine Underscores Importance of Content ‘Freshness’

Not content to let Microsoft’s Bing steal the search spotlight for long, Google unveiled an improved version of its search engine for testing this week (publicly available at  So far, Google is not disclosing much about its goals for the new search engine except that it aims to provide more relevant results faster. Google’s Matt Cutts has asked for public feedback on his blog.

Our tests on the system appear to show slightly more relevant results than the current Google Search, but what seems most different is the number of recently posted news, Web and Twitter items in search engine results pages (in some cases, only 30 minutes earlier). This algorithm seems to give added importance to the “freshness” of content.

Google has emphasized that the product isn’t finished yet. But if these types of resultscontinue into the production version, this may mean that Webmasters should place even more importance on frequent content changes, as well as a “symphony” effort between various publishing platforms (Web sites, Twitter, RSS, etc).  Stay tuned.



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