Google’s Panda Update Changes Corporate Content Strategies

This week Google announced major algorithm update that is shaking up entire business models. The update, called “Panda,” is a response to many Google users to what has been seen as an unfair advantage given to content farm sites, many of which publish thousands of subject-specific articles per week. The widely held perception that such models produced low-quality content that prevented even high school students from conducting effective online research is thought to be the impetus for the change.

The algorithm changed has caused some sites to lose as much as 90% of their referral traffic from Google, triggering layoffs from and others. Sites such as Yahoo’s Associated Content, and eZine articles were among some of the sites hardest hit by the update.

While this seems like an affirmation of Google’s longstanding message – create quality content for your audience – it’s not yet clear how Google is measuring content quality within its algorithm.

SISTRIX has released a preliminary chart of the 25 biggest losers, complete with statistical data.


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  1. Sebastian September 12, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    I got struck by the Panda personally aswell…

    I’ve been looking for ways around the Google Panda update and I did alot of analysis on my own blogs.
    Below are a couple of key points to consider:

    1) reduce bouncerate on your websites
    2) remove/nofollow/noindex thin and poor quality pages
    3) boost Click Through Rate in the SERPS (E.g implement crazy call to actions and stuff on your page titles)
    4) provide more value on your site (maximize users onpage time)
    5) interlink your website with optimized anchor texts
    6) make use of a privacy policy, about us, contact us, google maps location, SSL, address/phone number, images, subtiles, paragraphs, bulletpoints etc etc (all “achievable” extra quality elements you can think of)
    7) Achieve more quality one-way links with effective anchor text variation.

    Link-building has to be done in a very diverse and steady manner.

    Another thing, I am a ‘beta’ tester for LinkALoha currently and im seeing GREAT results. I think they are going to open several new spots soon, you guys should check it out. Those guys are great


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