Google Introduces New Social Tools as More Websites Add +1s

In the wake of launching their new social media platform, Google+, Google has just unveiled a new set of tools that will allow you to track the impact of social media sites.

Google Webmaster Tools has introduced a “+1 Metrics” component that will allow you to see how +1 annotations effect your website’s click through rate (CTR). It will allow you to easily compare your CTR with +1 annotations to your CTR without them. They have also added an Audience report to the Webmaster tools that will allow you to contrast +1 metrics by geographical area.

More interestingly, Google Analytics has rolled out social plugin tracking. This will allow you to compare and contrast the impact of various social actions on your website. In addition to tracking +1 annotations, you’ll be able to examine the impact of other social signals such as tweets and Facebook “likes.”

Google Analytics will now allow you to examine social behaviors on your website over time, track the number of social actions on your website and compare the social impact on various pages of your domain.

Top Websites’ Adoption of Social Programs

Websites the have adopted social plugins

Google is counting on the fact that more websites will begin supporting +1 annotations. So far, the data suggests that they are off to a good start. Research firm BrightEdge released data that shows that in the last month there has been a 28% increase in the adoption of +1 annotations by top websites. The Facebook “like” button and Twitter instant share and instant follow annotations have also enjoyed an increase.

Though Google may be new to the social networking game, they are off to a big start. At DemandResults, we’re eager to see what new marketing opportunities Google+ will present.



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