Google AdWords Unveils New “Opportunities” Tab

Domestic AdWords users discovered a new item in their AdWords top navigation this week – a beta tab called”Opportunities.” This effort appears to be Google’s strategy for increasing usage around its automated account optimization tools, which have been in AdWords for some time but have been more difficult to find. Upon clicking the opportunities tab, you’ll find suggestions for keyword and budget changes within your campaigns and ad groups.

According to Google, the tab will feature a broader set of search engine management optimization tools in the future. A Google blog post hinted at competitive bidding data and better analytics tools in the coming months. The company also invites customer feedback during the beta period, which may be a good thing. In the past, our experience with the AdWord’s optimization suggestions have been underwhelming. What’s there now may be useful for more inexperienced users, and it would be great if they could bring in a range of expert-level tools that can currently only be found in 3rd party applications.



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