Facebook Ad Conversion Tracking Announced

Facebook is finally testing a conversion tracking tool that will make it easier for advertisers to track the number of fans, impressions and clicks gained as a result of an ad campaign. Similar to Google AdWords and other PPC programs, Facebook conversion tracking will work via a Javascript snippet that will be placed into the code of a Web page. According to Brian Boland, Facebook manager of direct response solutions for Facebook, advertisers will have the option to set up multiple tags to track numerous metrics.

This may seem like a small development – and it was indeed a minor event in Boland’s address to OMMA Social attendees – but it is actually one of the most significant steps in Facebook’s revenue model thus far. There are plenty of businesses that are already using their own methods of conversion tracking, but this model will allow businesses of all sizes to begin to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Not surprisingly, nearly all the followup questions from those in the audience were about ad conversion tracking. The product is expected to be released to the wider public in late March.

Bolan also talked up the success of “Friends of Connections,” an ad targeting feature that allows advertisers to target the friends of Fans and connections that have installed Facebook apps. According to Bolan, this feature has so far shown a huge lift in conversion rate.

See the video featuring Brian Boland here:


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