Competitive Advantages of Online Video for B2B Marketers

Video Marketing StrategyThere is no denying that video is taking over the Internet. In recent years, marketers across the globe have discovered creative ways to promote their brands through visual media. One by one, skeptics of the power of online video, have turned into believers of the value video can add to virtually any online experience. Savvy B2B marketers have shown that creating valuable content can boost conversions and qualified leads, a goal on everyone’s wish list. So what are other advantages online video brings to B2B marketing campaigns?

First and foremost, video allows additional branding opportunities, specifically at earlier phases in the buying cycle where advertising budget and resources are often limited. Video saves companies money by allowing you to place a virtual salesperson on the web anywhere you have an audience. Relatively easy to produce, video messaging is more powerful and informative than static ads, so companies are learning to add a more personal touch to their messaging, even when a real brand representative is not present.

Beyond branding opportunities, adding video to a marketing campaign can provide invaluable insights over time. Marketers have found that video generally increases clickthrough and conversion rates for all different mediums, from email marketing to banner ads. Take the time to discover what videos your target audience likes best. Which videos are receiving the most views? The most shares? Generating the most qualified leads? These are all invaluable questions that can be answered using basic analytics tools to track activity. You will be surprised at the new information you can quickly discover about your potential customers.

In the meantime, while your video is busy boosting conversion rates, it can also serve as a great SEO asset. Search engines generally give preferential treatment to web pages utilizing well-optimized video. Throw in a video XML sitemap, and now your videos are easily discoverable by search engines. Additionally, through the use of easy-to-use social sharing widgets like AddThis or Wibiya, your videos practically promote themselves.

The value of online video seems almost limitless these days. With a bit of creativity, alongside a solid evidence-based marketing strategy, video should be every marketer’s new best friend.


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