How Can I Track Whitepaper Downloads using Google Analytics?

Capturing visitor information and usage statistics for your website is a breeze when using Google Analytics (GA). A native feature of GA known as Event Tracking allows you to easily track downloads for PDF files like whitepapers and case studies. Not only can you report on the volume of downloads, but using the advanced segmenting features, you can focus all your normal reports specifically on whitepaper downloads.

Additionally, If AdWords is tied to your Analytics account, you can report on paid search metrics as well. Discover which keyword phrases and SEM campaigns have the highest conversion rates for whitepaper downloads on your site in just a few clicks. Get creative and see what new customer insights you can discover.

Just how easy is it to implement Event Tracking for whitepaper downloads, you ask? Implementation is quick and easy even for those new to GA. If you are using the latest GA code, simply wrap the Event Tracking anchor tag around the whitepaper download link and voila, instant tracking! In order to get the most out of your download reporting, make sure to read through Google’s well-documented Event Tracking Overview.

Below is a quick 2 minute video tutorial on utilizing Google Analytics’ advanced segments to track events such as whitepaper downloads.


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