Bing Search PPC Conversion Cost 54.5% Lower Than Google AdWords

Looking for an SEM game changer? If you haven’t yet tested Bing PPC ads, it might be worth looking into. The network seems to have just the right mix of competition levels, demographics and market share to provide significant savings in the verticals we tested.

In late 2009, DemandResults began using Bing for legal industry paid search ads. Once our team got past the Bing/MSN Ad Center’s archaic user interface, we were able to focus on results that were, initially, so much higher than Google’s that we thought it might be a fluke.

Microsoft Bing's official logo

We increased our spend, and in a matter of weeks were able to confidentially identify Bing as the best value for lead generation in that particular industry.

In early 2010, we began using Bing as part of an overall paid search strategy in several healthcare-related verticals. After several months of combined PPC testing in these verticals, we know that while we can still get more leads through Google AdWords due to its sheer size, we get proportionally far more conversions from Bing than you could reasonably expect given its current market share (12.1%, according to ComCast’s May figures). In addition, cost-per-conversion levels in Bing have been substantially lower than Google: 24% for the legal industry, and 85% in healthcare.

Keep in mind that these are true apples-to-apples tests, running the same ads, keywords, landing pages and geo-targeted settings in Google and Bing campaigns. Conversions were tracked both via form submissions and call tracking. The results are lopsided enough that we are executing an all we can eat strategy in Bing, whereas we’re actively limiting our spend in Google.
While we like the outcomes, we’re still left to speculate as to exactly why Bing delivers better results. We’ll ponder these findings and blog about that next time.


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