Bing Continues to Grow Market Share Ahead of Yahoo Partnership

According to Comscore data for December 2009, upstart search engine Bing continued to grow market share at the end of last year. Bing searches were up 70% from Microsoft’s previous product, LiveSearch, a year earlier.

Microsoft Bing's official logo

Microsoft Bing's official logo

The company has still set no hard date for replacing Yahoo Search’s back end with Bing’s. One of the hurdles, the European Union’s ruling on whether the move violates anti-trust laws, is set for February 19th.

Bing’s increased market share means increased opportunities for paid search advertisers as the company continues to take users from competitor and future partner, Yahoo. Thus far, DemandResults’ early forays into Bing PPC advertising have been fruitful in terms of conversion rates, although the advertising administrative interface lacks the flexibility of Google AdWords and is at least a generation behind.

There is still no evidence that Bing is taking market share from Google. That could change quickly if rumors that would make Bing the default search engine on the iPhone and other Apple products materialize.


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