Online Sales Leads: The Difference an Hour Makes

A recent report from eMarketer shows that businesses are courting online sales leads more aggressively than ever before. Yet new data from Harvard Business Review (HBR) indicates that most companies are failing to follow up with these leads as fast as they should be. These reports reinforce the fact that there needs to be greater [...]


Will Social Media Marketing Bring the End of the Email Era?

A 2009 article in The Wallstreet Journal proclaimed triumphantly that “The Email Era” had officially come to an end. The article cited the rise of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, stating that social platforms will “rewrite the way we communicate.” There is certainly data to support a shift to the social paradigm. In [...]


Google’s Panda Update Changes Corporate Content Strategies

This week Google announced major algorithm update that is shaking up entire business models. The update, called “Panda,” is a response to many Google users to what has been seen as an unfair advantage given to content farm sites, many of which publish thousands of subject-specific articles per week. The widely held perception that such [...]


How Do Most People Share Content Online?

Amazingly, 44% of all online sharing now occurs in Facebook, according to sharing widget company AddThis. That’s up 33% in just one year. Another fact that may stun the digerati: email reigns over Twitter by 38%. Coming off a year when the Web’s biggest success model was an email-based coupon business (Groupon), maybe that’s not so surprising [...]


Leads From Bing Yielding Higher Value

A few months ago, we reported that Bing paid search ads were yielding more leads at less cost for select clients in the healthcare and legal professions. Today Search Engine Roundtable’s Chris Boggs reported higher revenue from Bing and Yahoo for four client sites, with Google lagging in third, despite much higher search volume. This is consistent with what [...]


Do Social Networks Already Rule Marketing?

Last week, I took the DemandResults staff to see The Social Network. As I listened to their comments after the film, it was apparent that one of the biggest surprises was that this was not a film about technology, nor was it about Facebook. At its core, it’s a terrific and timeless story about friendship, betrayal [...]