Apple’s Siri Reinforces a Need for Local SEO

Recently, AJ Kumar wrote an article in Entrepreneur entitled “How Apple’s Siri Could Destroy Local SEO.” It explains that Apple’s voice recognition app Siri will reduce the number of traditional local searches. Instead, queries will be directed to the app, which will then will display arbitrary search results.

While Kumar’s article is thoughtful, its title is misleading. The Siri app is not destroying local SEO. In fact, it is reinforcing the need for brands to engage in local optimization in order to be recognized by the Siri app. Siri should simply be seen as another search engine that brands need to optimize for. Mobile technology is hardly “destroying local SEO.” Rather, it’s simply changing the way that the more than 4 million current iPhone 4s users search for information.

For more on how to optimize your site for Siri, read my article “Siri’s Success Should Make Us All Rethink Mobile and Local SEO Strategies.”

To learn more about how Siri works, watch the video below from Apple:


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