An Illustrated Guide to Optimal SEO Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

Several weeks ago, we guest blogged on ProBlogger about SEO Automation, discussing redundant optimization tasks that were probably best left to tools, with the goal of getting more time to focus on actual strategy and execution. We also published an SEO automation infographic that was created by our SEO for Salesforce product team, which appears below.

Fortunately, the infographic was widely syndicated across many sites including, which, if you haven’t seen it, is a really great resource for marketing technologists.

In his summary, blog founder Douglas Karr noted that the infographic was really “about the process required to improve your search engine marketing results with an ongoing strategy.” We couldn’t agree more. As Karr pointed out, aspects of optimization can be automated, but there’s no substitute for things like content strategy, content execution, PR, relationship-building and link building. And don’t forget analysis. The best SEOs are ultimately great business analysts, who, given enough technical depth and experience, could easily cross over into other forms of marketing analysis and consulting.

For us, automating certain things – such as reporting, or link analysis – are essential parts of the process, because they give us more time to focus on what matters. My favorite part of this infographic is, in fact, the redefinition of strategies. Every optimization sprint or campaign brings new surprises. Algorithms change. Once-essential techniques are rendered less important, while others suddenly become powerful. We all need to take time to evaluate our success and failures, and then regroup.

SEO Process Infographic


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