3 Signs of Extreme Klout Score Anxiety

Just when we thought people were getting real about Klout, PeerIndex and other services intent on measuring your social influence, we’re noticing a fresh wave of anxiety rippling across the tech landscape. Evidence-based marketers can’t help but be attracted to metric-based popularity scores, especially when it comes to the brands they work for. But at this time, we should all be watching with bemusement and a light-to-moderate level of interest as these services struggle to create a meaningful measurement of social media influence.

Elle Readers Freak About Klout

If you’re not familiar with Elle, you probably haven’t visited a supermarket or magazine stand since 1945. Elle is a fashion industry heavyweight, and topically-speaking, its content is all about image. Anything that appears in Elle magazine automatically qualifies as “fluff.”

So it makes perfect sense that Elle would respond to a reader’s complaints that her boss is threatening to slash her salary unless she raises his Klout score. What doesn’t make sense is that Elle’s longtime answer queen, E. Jean, actually validates his anxiety by advising the reader to reassure her boss that his score, at 44, “is actually good.”  A better answer might have been to direct him to a voice with authority rightly claiming that it doesn’t matter yet, as TechCrunch recently did.

E Jean Klout Score Response

Klout Showing Up in Email Signature Lines

By now, you’ve probably received at least one email from someone with a link to their Klout score in their email signature line. WiseStamp officially added it to their list of email signature icons recently, so we may see a spike sometime soon. For now, including this is about as high-impact as that inspirational quote you stopped using at the bottom of your emails in 2006. However, it’ll be interesting to see whether Klout evolves to the point where this really means something within the next two years. If they succeed, then it might actually start being worthwhile.

Klout in Email Signature

Klout Stress Email Goes Viral

The latest Xtranormal video to go viral features an employee losing his job over Klout obsession, namely after he achieves a superior Klout score. At the same time, some social media “experts” are creating videos suggesting that social interaction be mainly limited to others with high Klout scores. Yikes. Do everyone a favor – just be yourself.




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